With ransomware attacks on the rise, organizations of all sizes have found themselves vulnerable and struggling to reduce risk and respond quickly to attacks. 

Partnering with a cloud data protection leader like Druva, can help support your in-depth cybersecurity strategy by providing multi-layered defense analytics and ransomware recovery. Druva Ransomware Recovery, a cloud-based service, is founded on the industry standards and a zero-trust architecture model, providing faster recovery while proactively detecting and responding to threats. IT/infosec managers and admins who are responsible for business continuity and resiliency can:

- Build situational awareness and detect anomalies.
- Enable swift response.
- Easily orchestrate response and recovery.

Your teams will not only prevent data loss and save costs — but also accelerate response and recovery times by up to 50 percent — even after you’ve been hit by a ransomware attack or a data breach.